Wednesday, August 09, 2006

collage pins

i have been making collage pins and i published a piece on how to make them on do a search for collage pins or Kelly Parker Designs

here are a few of the pins.

New collages and pins

well i have been hard at work trying to promote my art. i have picked up 3 shops and 2 families for private lessons. i have also wrote a curriculum for 2 classes at the local art center and i will be in an art hop in october, so i have been busy making art and writing classes.

here are some of my newest collages. i have also been working on stretched canvas and have 3 collages complete on that substrate too. i think i like the stretched canvas better just because i am not sure i like the wire. i have heard both sides of the story though, some like the wire others don't. what do you think, wire or no wire?