Friday, January 06, 2006

How do you find the time?

Someone asked how you do you find the time to make art every day....well i have to say that i don't make art every single day in the form of "art". Some days all i may do is backgrounds or write in my journal about the day, other times i make art all day long. Today happens to be one of those days where i was extremely productive in several ways - i took a walk this morning and i am getting ready to go out again, i picked up the yard, painted backgrounds, did 4 small oil pastels and hauled in some wood for the fireplace among several other things. This happens to be just one of those days that i actually feel like doing things.

Just so that i don't sound like that is all i do everyday is art...LOL i have 2 kids, a husband and several animals (cows, rabbit, dog, chickens) that have to be taken care of everyday but today everyone was gone to school or work and i got to stay substitute teaching this week!! Yeah, now i know that will week already i have a day to work. This weekend i will not be making art, Saturday i have CPR training all day and on Sunday, my son has his Student Ambassador meeting for his trip to Europe this summer and my daughter has a birthday party. Well, off to take a walk and get dinner ready....i don't know about you but is laundry and everyday thing, it is around here....maybe i should make art from the laundry, can you imagine the faces on my family when they came home!! ;-)

until tomorrow...

3 - 4" by 4" landscapes

well i just completed 3 more of the 4" by 4" landscapes on the canvas paper with oil pastels, No. 2 pencil, and acrylic paints. The backgrounds are painted with acrylic in several colors swirled together, when dry, i sketch on a landscape then color with the pastels between each section of color, i rub them together with my finger to blend them. Then i use a pencil to put in some details such as the grass in the far left picture.

DD for January 6, 2006

4" by 4" landscape - It is done on canvas paper with oil pastels. Needed a quick fix with art today and i have been wanting to do an landscape for a while now. i am an oil painter and i love to do landscapes, just haven't had the time to paint in a while, so this was my alternative for today. i think i will be doing more of these!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

a few more....

well here are 3 collages. the collage on the left is titled "Love" and the collage in the middle is titled "Play". the one on the right is titled "Sisters". All collages are made on 120 lb watercolor paper. the background is watercolored then layered with various papers, lace, tape, and photocopies.

more collages

i was on a roll the other day. feeling creative and ready to go, so here are some more collages to check out.
the collage on the left is titled "Ok to be different". i am telling my kids this all the time. fortunately for me, they both walk to a different drum!! the collage on the right is titled "she had luck". this piece is for my sister in law, who has all the luck in golf...LOL.

collages that i have created for 2006

well here is my first offering for 2006. i am a bit ahead with 7 collages instead of 5 but i had done the backgrounds before the new year then had to find the images and papers to put the collages together. they are 8" by 10" and made on 120 lb watercolor paper with paints, markers, photocopies, and various papers. the collage on the left is titled "B - boy" and the collage on the right is titled "Dads and Sons".

New for 2006

well here i am...posting to a blog. never thought i would take the time.

started with a yahoo group that is devoted to making art every day in 2006 so i will be posting my ramblings and art here. i am looking forward to making art every day, so much so, that i have made a pact with myself...i am posting it here so that i can hopefully be prodded to make art every day. here it is -

My goal is to take a little time each day and work on art. I want to work on something each day, be it a collage, a doll, an altered book, a print, a drawing, or an oil painting, doing some kind of art each day is the goal. I'm focusing on quality and quantity for this project, I am thinking of working in a series. I have many ideas and I want to try to put them together into a series from which I can work. I have started gathering words and phrases to use for 2006.
Some of the ideas I have are to create ancestor collages and to use “mom sayings” to create one of a kind pieces of art. I will use the calendar idea in such a way that it will reflect each piece as I finish it with the date for the purpose of keeping track of 365 days. I love to work with numbers and words and this will allow me to use both in each collage. I want to be able to work in several areas combining new and varied techniques to complete at least something everyday whether it is a project that has already been started or a new project.
I want to work on mastering some of my skills and refining others such as drawing and colored pencil. I will be working with several sizes of canvas panels along with paper to create my art work (4” by 4”, 8”by 8”, 4” by 6”, 6” by 8”, 5” by 7”, 16” by 20”, 9” by 12” and some ATC size). I want to work on combining the materials I have and techniques into collages that are unique and a part of me. I have lots of art books with techniques that I would like to explore this year.
I will take one of my many art books and work with several ideas each day to create a piece of art. I want no restrictions on what my theme will be or what I will be working with each day, whatever is at hand will be used and whatever is near the work table is fair game for collage fodder.
I also plan to keep a journal throughout the year to document my process and progress. For me this will be a large accomplishment…I have tried several times to keep a journal and it is hard to do. It is hard for me to express my thoughts on paper in writing so my journal for 2006 will be expressed with written ideas for art work and small drawings of what happened during the day. I want to make this my first commitment each day.
This is the commitment I am making to myself be creative each day in 2006. I know it sounds like a lot of work but in order to have art in my life each day I know I will have to commit to doing it every day. I have no set rules other than I want to work in my journal each day. This exercise I hope will keep my creative muse working towards my goal of making art everyday.

thanks for reading
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