Monday, March 06, 2006

i'm ETSY store

well, it has been a while...i have been working non-stop as a substitute teacher recently, which is good for my back account by not my art. i do have to say that i took some time and opened an etsy shop at so if you get a chance check it out. i have sold several pieces in the first week and i am excited. now i just have to make more art!!

i have been getting ready for my senior art exhibition at Olivet College too. i made my invite and now they will be going in the mail this week. we have an opening reception on March 26 so we will be hanging our art the weekend before that. i am looking forward to the show. it will be the last thing i have to do for graduation, although i have my diploma. i officially graduated in Dec. 2005.

well i am home a bit early today from teaching and i am off to paint and collage....see ya soon.


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