Saturday, February 04, 2006

Do you READ?

i read anything i can get my hands on and i have to say that from January 1 - February 4, 2006 i have read a total of 10 books already. it would be more but i tell myself i need to make art but i usually only read when i am too tired at night to make art. i don't watch much tv so i read in the sun room by the fireplace.

some of the books i have read are -
The Passion of Artemisa by Susan Vreeland
Art Stories
Falling for you
Millionaire Vampire
Dark Lover
Grave Sight
Master of the Night
Hunters' Moon

looks like i have a thing for Vampires....LOL. i have always loved books about vamps!! can you imagine living for hundreds of years...think of the art work, artists, history, and more you would get to see. this intrigues me so much! i have read most of Susan Vreeland books too. she writes about artist' lives, her books are very good if you get a chance to read them, do. of course this list doesn't include the many art magazines and art books i have read either. maybe i should keep track of those too!!

Somerset Studio
Artist Magazine
Celebrate your creative self
Collage discovery

and i can't forget the books i have read to my kids this year so far....too many to list! just thought i would post my thoughts on reading...DO IT for yourself, for your kids, and just for the adventure of getting away!!


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