Sunday, January 08, 2006

January 7 and 8, 2006

Saturday -
Well i spent the day in CPR training. Boy what a long day....I needed to get adult, child, infant CPR along with the new AED training and First Aid. Then to top off the day, we had tickets to a comedy show with Heywood Banks at the school last night. The show was a great success!!

So this brings me to the art for the day....nothing, zilch, nada, but i did get the CPR cards so that i can now have my records sent in to make me an official art teacher!! WOO HOO!! never thought i would get this far. i started taking classes 2 years after i graduated high school paying for them as i got the money or could get finiacial aid. Of course i was working full time so i could only take night classes - took me 20 years to get my AA. Then, of course by now i am married and have 2 kids, well you know what happens then, anyway when my youngest started into first grade, i started back to college full time in the education program. Took me 2 1/2 years to finish my BA in Education with a Visual Arts major going to school in the summer too. i am now officially graduated and applied for my teaching certificate from Michigan. i will get to walk in May for the graduation ceremony, i am looking forward to it.

Sunday -
well today, i am working on the computer. Later this afternoon, we will be going to a Student Ambassador program meeting, my son Sam is 11 and going to Europe in the summer. i am so excited for him and he is too. We still are not sure how they go his name....we think through his MEAP scores, cause none of his teachers seemed to know about the program. But anyway, we attend a meeting every other month until June so that we (parents) and the kids can get to know other members of the group. There are about 30 - 35 kids that will be going along with 2 teachers. They will be going to Paris and London on the Tale of Two Cities tour.

So that brings me to art for Sunday - nothing yet but i am holding out for after 8 pm when the kids go to bed....


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