Friday, January 06, 2006

How do you find the time?

Someone asked how you do you find the time to make art every day....well i have to say that i don't make art every single day in the form of "art". Some days all i may do is backgrounds or write in my journal about the day, other times i make art all day long. Today happens to be one of those days where i was extremely productive in several ways - i took a walk this morning and i am getting ready to go out again, i picked up the yard, painted backgrounds, did 4 small oil pastels and hauled in some wood for the fireplace among several other things. This happens to be just one of those days that i actually feel like doing things.

Just so that i don't sound like that is all i do everyday is art...LOL i have 2 kids, a husband and several animals (cows, rabbit, dog, chickens) that have to be taken care of everyday but today everyone was gone to school or work and i got to stay substitute teaching this week!! Yeah, now i know that will week already i have a day to work. This weekend i will not be making art, Saturday i have CPR training all day and on Sunday, my son has his Student Ambassador meeting for his trip to Europe this summer and my daughter has a birthday party. Well, off to take a walk and get dinner ready....i don't know about you but is laundry and everyday thing, it is around here....maybe i should make art from the laundry, can you imagine the faces on my family when they came home!! ;-)

until tomorrow...


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