Monday, January 16, 2006

behind in posts but...

Well it has been a week since i posted...i do have a piece of art work to post and some pictures of my chickens. I thought they would be fun to paint. The art work is from January 9, 2006 and the photos of the chickens is from January 12, 2006. On January 10, i didn't do anything but lay in bed, was not feeling well! On January 11 and 13, I subbed as an ELA teacher and an art/geography teacher. On Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, i spent time with my family. The kids were home from school for MLK day, so we went shopping and bought art supplies! I bought more watercolor paper at Michael's and a small pad of canvas paper, then off to Barnes and Noble where i bought 4 art calendars that started out at $12. and i bought them for $2. What a deal for an art teacher!! I will be tearing them apart for the pictures.


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