Wednesday, August 09, 2006

collage pins

i have been making collage pins and i published a piece on how to make them on do a search for collage pins or Kelly Parker Designs

here are a few of the pins.

New collages and pins

well i have been hard at work trying to promote my art. i have picked up 3 shops and 2 families for private lessons. i have also wrote a curriculum for 2 classes at the local art center and i will be in an art hop in october, so i have been busy making art and writing classes.

here are some of my newest collages. i have also been working on stretched canvas and have 3 collages complete on that substrate too. i think i like the stretched canvas better just because i am not sure i like the wire. i have heard both sides of the story though, some like the wire others don't. what do you think, wire or no wire?

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Bailey and I in local art show

My daughter Bailey who is 9 years old did her first acrylic painting and entered it into the Woldumar Nature Show in Lansing MI in May, 2006. She won 1st place in the 12 and under division!! This was a great show and I was so excited for Bailey.

Here is a closer look at Bailey's painting titled "Underwater Adventure".

Here is a picture of her and me holding our paintings. I entered 3 pieces - 2 landscape oil paintings and a chickadee print.